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Maryland Minimum Wage Laws

As of January 1, 2024, all employers in Maryland are required to pay their hourly employees a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. This state-wide minimum wage applies regardless of the size of the employer.


Meal & Rest Breaks

In Maryland, there is no state law requiring employers to provide meal or rest breaks for adult employees. However, employees under the age of 18 must receive a 30-minute break for every 5 hours of work.

3 Years

Filing Claims

In Maryland, employees have three years to file a lawsuit under the Maryland Wage & Hour Law (MWHL) and/or the Maryland Wage Payment & Collection Law (MWPCL) for unpaid wages. Generally though, to file a wage claim, the claim must be submitted within two years.


Maryland Overtime Pay Laws

In Maryland, overtime laws require employers to pay employees 1.5 times their regular wage for hours worked over 40 in a workweek. These laws align with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and apply to all employers in the state.

Transparency laws

Protections for workers

Maryland law mandates that employers provide a statement of earnings to their employees with each paycheck, detailing hours worked, rates paid, and deductions made.