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Minnesota Minimum Wage Laws

As of January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Minnesota is $10.85 per hour for large employers and $8.85 per hour for small employers. Employees under 20 years of age may be paid a training wage of $8.85 per hour for the first 90 consecutive days of employment.


Meal & Rest Breaks

In Minnesota, employers are required to provide employees with sufficient time for a meal break if they work eight or more consecutive hours. Additionally, employees must receive a rest period within each four consecutive hours of work.

2 Years

Filing Claims

In Minnesota, the statute of limitations for filing claims for unpaid overtime is two years from the date of the alleged violation. For willful violations, the period extends to three years.


Minnesota Overtime Pay Laws

In Minnesota, employers are required to pay overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 per workweek, unless the employee is exempt under specific statutes. Overtime pay must be at least 1.5 times the employee's regular rate of pay.

Wage and Hour Laws

Protections for workers

Unique to Minnesota, employers are required to pay overtime for all hours worked over 48 per workweek, which is more than the federal requirement of 40 hours. This law applies to all employers, regardless of gross annual revenue, ensuring that employees receive fair compensation for longer workweeks.