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Mississippi Minimum Wage Laws

Mississippi has not established its own state minimum wage; therefore, employers are subject to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. This means that most workers in Mississippi are entitled to earn at least the federally mandated minimum wage.


Meal & Rest Breaks

Mississippi does not have state-specific laws requiring employers to provide meal or rest breaks to employees. Employers are at liberty to offer breaks, but if they do, federal guidelines apply, such as paying for short breaks typically under 20 minutes.

2 Years

Filing Claims

In Mississippi, the statute of limitations for filing claims for unpaid overtime is two years from the date of the alleged violation. Employees must file their claims within this period to seek compensation for unpaid overtime wages.


Mississippi Overtime Pay Laws

In Mississippi, employees must be paid 1.5 times their regular pay rate for all time worked over 40 hours in a single work week. This follows the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), with specific state provisions for firefighters and police officers.

Wage and Hour Laws

Protections for workers

Mississippi has specific state provisions regulating overtime pay for firefighters and police officers. These employees may receive additional pay for services rendered above their regular hours, as determined by the city council.